Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring must haves

We got another round of snow yesterday, but spring is in the air.  To recover from the cold of winter, if you are like me, your lips are chapped and cracked.  I'm loving EOS lip balm.  They look like Easter eggs.  The top screws off and you have lip balm.

They come in different colors and scents.  Right now I have summer fruit shown above.  It's a light scent and the lip balm will heal your lips.  The other thing I love is it's not so small that it disappears in your purse (know what I mean???).  Get all the colors and put one by your bed, one in the bathroom, one in your purse, one at the office!!!!  Love these!!!!  Click here to visit their web site!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! so fun!